This Week In Photos 1/14-1/20/18

Below are a week’s worth of photos and some thoughts on how they turned out. To see more photos and read more about our week, join our weekly newsletter!

Nashville was snowed in for a few days this week. My kids were out of school all week and I was able to work from home for a few days which was really nice. Earlier in the week I took a few photos around the Wedgewood-Houston area of Nashville and those turned out great, along with the obligatory snow photos once the cold front arrived.

All of these photos were taken with a Polaroid 600 camera on Polaroid Originals B&W film!

The above photo is of the historic United Records Pressing plant here in Nashville, TN. If you have ever purchased a vinyl LP, there is a good chance it was manufactured here. I took a tour of the building years ago and the best part is the Motown suite, an apartment they built upstairs for Motown staff to stay in while in Nashville. Segregation made it hard for Motown executives to find hotel rooms here in the south. The apartment was never updated and still had the vintage furniture and appliances used. So cool.

I shot this photo on an overpass not knowing if it would really turn out. This was the first time I used my Polaroid camera for an action shot of something moving as fast as cars on the interstate. I really love how this photo turned out and it’s one of my favorites to date.

The remaining photos of the week are all snow related as a cold front moved in and finally brought enough snow to keep us home for a few days. I love the way the snow looks via black and white instant film!


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