A Week In Photos: 11/26-12/2/17

Below are a week’s worth of photos I took with my Polaroid cameras and some thoughts on how each turned out (plus my most recent camera find!).

Our house has these wooden clothes line posts in the backyard. We never use them and they aren’t in the best shape. I wanted to see if I could capture both posts in the same shot appropriately.

An evening of listening serendipitously fell these classic LPs into place.

Whoever planted these trees did an excellent job lining them up.

My black Friday order of SX-70 film arrived and I tried to take this shot of my wife walking the dogs in the front yard. They are the blurry spots just to the left of the house, ha.

Classic Tascam BR-20 reel to reel.

Just a fun photo of my wife sitting in the car.

We were back at my wife’s parent’s house this weekend and I saw a carrying case hiding under some other items. I didn’t expect for it to be a SX-70 Land Camera!

It’s not in the best shape. The film latch doesn’t stay shut and overall it doesn’t open and close well. It feels like it’s going to break each time I open the camera. I am researching vendors who can service and repair. I can’t wait to start shooting with it.

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