A Week In Photos: 12/3-12/9/17

Below are a week’s worth of photos I took with my Polaroid cameras and some thoughts on how each turned out. To see more photos and read more about our week, join our weekly newsletter!

We had to travel back to Cincinnati for the weekend to attend a family funeral. In between events, I tried to snap a few photos, including this one of my wife.

Another photo from Cincinnati, my boys between the trees on the golf course. They always joke my Polaroids look like album covers, something we kept in mind during this shot.

I spotted some fisherman at our neighborhood fishing hole and tried to capture them before leaving. This is with the Polaroid One Step Land Camera that I found at an estate sale because I love the colors it captures.


This is the path we took to the fishing hole. I’m surprised this photo turned out blurry, but I also really love it.

On the way to the fishing hole, the trees were making this moaning sound that was strange. If you looked up you can see where the trees were leaning on each other and when the wind would blow, that rubbing would make for an interesting sound.

My wife found this little radio on Etsy and purchased for me to go with my growing collection at home. This one has a great red casing on the sides which is hard to tell in this photo. I thought I had the radio centered in the view finder but it still came out a little to the left, oh well.

Found this classic 12 inch LP in Florida while on vacation back in October. Love the album cover and thought it would make for a fun shot.

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