A Week In Photos: 12/17-12/23/17

Below are a week’s worth of photos and some thoughts on how they turned out. To see more photos and read more about our week, join our weekly newsletter!

I have really enjoyed shooting black and white on my Polaroid One Step Land Camera. I only had one pack and shot through it very quickly. These photos show the final shots from the pack and I’m ordering more very soon. I have plenty of black and white film for my 600 model. I wonder if they will turn out as great as these have.

I went for a long walk in our neighborhood and this new puppy followed me for quite sometime. I was wearing headphones and therefore did not notice he was following me until he licked my hand while I was walking which scared me at first. I was lucky to have him sit still for a quick shot.

While visiting my hometown for Christmas, I drove past the shopping mall I grew up attending and noticed it had been demolished for a Top Golf. The pillars in the background of this photo are all that is left. What’s crazy is plenty of original signs are still around the property and in pretty bad shape. I grabbed shots of those with another camera and will post later. All things must pass, I suppose.


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